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I want to thank you for being such great partners over these many years. We’ve been through many challenges together, and we’ve achieved many rewards, but I believe it when I say, “The best is yet to come!”


When I started in this business, I was 24 and the year was 1975. Computers (as we know them) were not yet invented, and dye formulae were still calculated using a slide rule!

Today, it’s a whole different world, and ours is an entirely different industry.

Technologies have changed and styles have changed. The business itself has changed – and we’ve kept pace by changing right along with the times. Many of our competitors have come and gone, but every day we’re still getting out there and doing our best; developing new colors, styles, fabrics, and finding new ways to serve our clients.

Throughout our 30 years, we’ve always said that your success is our business. We define our success by the relationships that we’ve built over the years.

We’ve received some great advice from our clients, and acted upon some great ideas from our employees. We’ve developed and implemented many innovations, including a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant located right here on the premises. We’re known today for the quality of our product and the timely delivery of any sized order. At present, we have strategic partners in 35 countries.

There’s a deep commitment that runs through our business. I believe we’re still going strong because we listen to our customers. We keep a deep inventory, get orders out on time and we’re always working to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Although we’ve seen many changes in 30 years, one thing has never changed and will never change – our core values. And while we treasure our past, and never deviate from our values, we’re also constantly moving forward. We have a vision for our business, and we will continue to change right along with the times.

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